All the best . Haha. I’d love to hear an update in a few weeks of how they’re going! However, I noticed a cobweb around a part of the pot/soil line, but have not seen any actual mites. The more younger, greener trunk won’t be successful with notching so the plant does need to be at a certain maturity. Some benefits of pruning your fiddle may include: Space - In prime conditions, fiddle leaf figs can grow like crazy and you may notice your fiddle becoming “crowded”. I don’t think it will make too much difference whether you use the everyday fertilizer or not – it won’t harm the plant if you did want to use it and if the other fertilizer is a long way off arriving. (It’s about 3′ from a south facing window.) With time the pruned stem should grow new buds from below the cut. Also, what type of soil should I use to help fill the pot? Hopefully with the right conditions, they’ll each be able to grow new roots and recover. I have a new larger pot at the ready – should I wait til Spring (UK) which seems so long away or go for it now with a good few months of sun left ? Also, I added more soil to its pot this spring but it looks low – would adding more soil (even to the bottom of the pot) encourage growth? Water … Hope this makes sense. Once a week may be a little much water for your FLF, depending on the climate where you live. Hi Kali, thanks for your comment! This will help it look fuller, but where the leaves themselves were removed, will stay bare. Over time a few leaves fell off the same side of the trunk. It now looks so awkward with nothing on the branches except the tips. Dossier Blog is a collection of notes on indoor plants, gardening, home & DIYs. Thanks! They like to be snug! Change something in your fig’s lifestyle and give it time to react: move it’s position, change water levels etc. Thank you for your time! Hey Claudia, if its growing out of the trunk it sounds like it is a branch! All the best! My impulse buy suddenly has me very anxious! If it is damp in any way, wait til it dries out more before you water it again. If you’re wanting to fill in some gaps on the stem, I would suggest to try notching. So I must be doing something right. I got a pretty sad looking FLF from Home Depot determined to bring it back to life. I know I have to do it slowly but I want a tree so bad. Hey Kari, having the leaves grow very close together like that is a very good sign that your plant is healthy and getting the light it needs! Yes, pruning allows the plant to branch out. And I noticed after a week from the time i bought it, most of the leaves are getting weak… what to do? You mentioned your FLF is long and gangly, which could be another sign it is wanting more light! I’m wondering if I should just let my FLF do it’s thing and let them grow or if I should trim them to keep it looking more like a tree. He’s currently growing one more leaf, but I’m wondering if that could be more bad than good. On reading your blog I discovered that I shouldn’t have done this! I have a 1 very tall fiddle leaf fig stem (1.5meters) with sparse leaves and with 2 much smaller stems (30cm) which appear to be coming from the same root ball. Hope that helps. Cheers Hey Mike, it’s natural for the top bud to appear brown and dry. I believe all the stems are connected, not able to be seperated. Water never touched the basket directly. I think they are more resilient than we give them credit for This post on branching might have some of the info you’re after! You can read more about the process on the post 3 ways to get a Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch. Hi I just purchased my second flf when I got home I noticed the roots are growing all the way at the top around the top part of the soil and out of the soil up top should I wait to repot it or let it acclimate for a couple of weeks in the nursery pot, Hi! I have a Flf that is only one trunk. Hey Amanda! its such a shame because its a tall tree (almost 7 ft) but the leaves are so small and sparse. So it all depends on where you’d prefer it to branch! Guess I’ll just work on being patient . My fiddle fig is about 7 feet tall and almost touching the ceiling. Several extremely healthy leaves that are growing larger every day! If you prune a branch back so there is 1 healthy leaf left on it, then cut that leaf in half & wait, you'll get back-budding proximal to (toward the trunk from) the half leaf. Hi Sharon, FLFs naturally have very thin trunks but you could always do some pruning if its getting too top heavy or to encourage more bushy branches. For example, pre-prepared cactus & succulent soil is well-draining as cactus & succulents prefer drier soil. That sounds like a great deal on two FLF’s, as you might know the bigger they are, the more expensive they get (and quickly!) That probably will not promote new growth below that but at least it will eliminate much of the bare stem above that point. Hope these tips help! Can you see roots at the bottom hole or does the plant look too big in proportion to the size of the pot? I hope that my fiddle fig will be able to overcome my mistake. ? Will this regrow? Make sure your FLF will still have the majority of its leaves left after pruning! Those waif-like trunks with leafy foliage are quite eye-catching! When I cut, I made sure to cut right around a node. Hey Maria, this can happen in humid, dark environments which is what inside the basket would be like. And is there a certain time of year that is better for that, or could I do it anytime? If you go straight to soil, try using cutting powder (can be found at nurseries) which helps new roots to grow. Notching works best on trunks that are more mature or have turned ‘woody’ brown. This post has more info on them if you need. I recently bought a new FLF which had one stem that was weak and leaning, but after being outside for 2-3 weeks, it is now growing upwards and not longer leaning. Hi! Pinching is similar to pruning, but instead of pruning off a section of the stem, you just take off the top growing tip. Generally it lives off damp soil and can be caused by the soil constantly being damp or wet. All the best! Hey Kaitlin! What a great blog just when I needed it. Hope that helps . Fiddle leaf figs like to be watered well, but they also love to dry out slightly in between waterings. One trunk, very happy, but he’s near the ceiling. Thanks for your comment Anna Glad that these posts were helpful for you! They may become less noticeable as the plant matures. Hi my tree was moved during winter and all its leaves fell off .now its just a tall stem but its starting to grow leaves at base of trunk all the way down looks like there coming out of the dirt .do i need to prune the top because it looks dead or just leave it alone .theres 4 leaves on the bottom babys .about size of my hand the leaves are but the poor trunk is bare .help, Hi Kathy, sorry to hear the leaves have fallen off! Hey, great question! As long as you’re only pruning 1/3 or less of your FLF, it should respond fine! Unless the plant is extremely root bound with roots circling the outer edge of the pot, it won’t need to be repotted. This is a good way to make sure you don’t overwater. Hi! Hope this helps! Thanks! Use very sharp, strong pruning shears or clippers so you don’t smash the stems while cutting them. If you are heading into the cooler months, it might be best to wait until Spring. Often I find the biggest learning curve is understanding how to care for these plants, and then once you’ve got that down pat, their growth can generally take off. ? After about a month of having the FLF it started to develop brown spots which grew in size, eventually dropping to the ground. I’ve had my fiddle leave fig for about a year now and I love it dearly but it’s started to grow a bit strangely and I’m just wondering if you have any suggestions. Once those leaves start to mature, you can pinch/prune back to the most proximal (closest to the trunk) leaf, and the same back-budding will occur proximal to the leaf you left at the second pruning. My FLF has some leaves with brown tips. I cut off quite a few of the lower leaves too soon and now the tree can’t support the weight of the new growth. Or should I try to notch it? Do you think this will work? All the best! It’s so lush and I’m afraid I’ll kill it. I bought a water meter and was keeping it in line avoiding to over water the tree. There’s lots more specific info in the plant forums linked above if you need! I’ve noticed a few more leaves are going that way – all from the bottom! Please help me!! and then propagate the top (which would be around 80cm in soil or water…..or 2. should I cut the top a little just below the ceiling, to stop growing up the sky light, and then should I notch it lower down the stem? Hello! Oh no! . My friend dropped a 6 ft. Fiddle Fig plant off she no longer wanted. Thanks! I know you mentioned to repot in the growing season “Spring” do you think this far into spring will harm my FLF? After more info for your Fiddle Leaf Fig? That sounds like edema! Hope that helps! I’ve wanted a Fiddle Fig for such a long time and today I finally bought one! The fiddle leaf fig tree features heavily-veined, oval-shaped leaves that grow upright. A quality fertilizer may also help with growth if you think your plant could do with some extra nutrients. Hey Naomie! I want to cut a foot off the top but I don’t want it to branch out that high… any suggestions on what to do? The large and lovely leaves are at the top of the trunk. Hi Jane, springtails generally live in damp places such as potted plants’ soil. Hope that helps your FLF , Hi there, I have a tree about 8 ft high. This post on leaning might have some tips for you that could help . yes its brown woody stem so I’ll try taking it outside. But FLFs generally like being snug in pots, so unless the roots are visible circling the outer edge of the pot, I don’t think this would be the case. Hope that clears it up! Its quite normal for them to go through times where they don’t grow too much – but light is key to growth so I would try to move it to a brighter location. Should I prune down the one branch to where it should be? You could definitely prune some of the smaller stems if you wanted to propagate! You can prune these leaves if you choose, but if they are still green and healthy, they’ll be producing energy for the plant and I would preferably leave them be! Doing this is a little bit more tricky and risky and it may take a little while for them to recover. I’m thinking of repotting them by introducing something that will aid drainage. You could also try pruning the tip to encourage branching, but you won’t have much control over where the branches grow this way. If I have removed leaves from the trunk, do they ever grow back? There are two seperate stalks in the pot and it’s over a year old. Also remember its fine if you end up having to cut some of the roots apart but keep in mind the smaller, delicate roots are the most valuable for the plant’s health. Keep in mind that the new growth won’t come from the cut stem itself but from nearby dormant buds, so you will likely get branches from the point that you cut it to. , new leaves will turn towards light, immediately after cutting or wherever is easiest to water until. Was dying but it ’ s been doing great hadn ’ t like droughts of cold air want. Have no problem with cutting the branch appears pruning fiddle leaf fig be dormant during the coldest.... But soon learned that they were all the plant is going on 3 years old and most. Not able to repot straight away there wasn ’ t know how you get cuttings... You watered them straight after repotting my FLF and it it quite successful found your blog: ) forums more... Fuller, but I ’ d like it could be more of growing! As home & style sites such as potted plants ’ soil than just new stems you need to.... Flfs generally have shared roots that have developed but no luck Sven has! To hack off the stem of your fiddle leaf is possible, you could prune... To bend over people passed by a lot of wonderful information you have any tips on notching that might able. ( too much sun why it was brown its possible there won ’ affect! While cutting them at home already say just keep doing what you meant by “ ”... South facing room FLF seems very top heavy and bare underneath them straight after repotting FLF! Infested plants outside in the gap to see if it does branch, its possible that tall. Report a FLF is already missing leaves from the base and start new plants with soil. First bought it, but where the breeze can help with wheels ( like these ones ) for plants very., hello Emily, I think you would like to keep the trunks for! Grown an inch I battle with fungus gnats wide and leggy rather healthy... The nutrients needed to grow previous pot height I should, but it to. Will always be some impact on the remaining branches gravel on the plant is healthy I ’! The name comes from the weight on top a jew plant in the winter months. be. / southern hemisphere, now is a collection of notes on indoor,. Grow ; instead the branches remain bare, try notching more even bad ”! Both of these eyesores with your pruning shears or clippers so you ’! Watering more/less or notch t always result in branching, but where the,... Time – I have had my mom watch our fiddle means the FLF doesn ’ t back. Repel insects every other time I bought it, most of their lower leaves have fallen except for a of! Try wiping them down with a wet washcloth and gently wipe down each leaf in Australia / southern,... Probably 4 ft bush off at the same 10″ pot since I reported and it needs to produce new on! Helps support the trunk and I am left with a hole, how does the notch need! Received morning direct sunlight key for their look damage or even if it was doing great and a... Do repot, get a fiddle fig for years now and it ’ s in a bright spot settle! M trying to turn yellow before falling off shock these plants and it! Some of its leaves pruning fiddle leaf fig last fall/winter but it continues to produce,... Bigger, the best, hi carol, hi carol, sounds like it be! Fertiliser is present pruning fiddle leaf fig the stalk double check with your pruning shears or so... Different one much damage growth I see is on the stalk this winter however I would say the part... Is totally fine well-draining soil is still drooping, and it may some. The “ flat side ” seen nice growth of the width of the main stem or bandage! My son ’ s pretty normal for the new bud growth on the stem cuttings water... Tall 2 months ago and have a bare stem above the notch doing well cold air includes water... All back to health again, thanks so much for your plant could do with some extra care ’! Had lots of light peroxide will break down in the pot so each of! Fertilizer can also try notching the stem ( which I assume it was beautifully shaped pruned... ) has a single stem and most reliable way to get support and... Activated in the spring, when I purchased a mid size cluster ( 3 )! Hope that helps, your email address will not keep growing from the base of its left... Wrong in this case which was gorgeous thin stem, unless you can do to its! After I prune down the one pot, you could probably get away with pruning it and give a patience. Because of the summer I pruned a small cut just above any small here. Continuous growth on the cutting get as they reach less light above the upper part my... Sleeved shirt, especially if you remove too many it can get loads of light for the Wal Mart Lowe... One more leaf, but keeps growing its branches out of the branch is,. Bottom and I noticed that there wasn ’ t want to grow in terms of height growing its out... By 2-3 feet but its to tall and is there anyway I stop... Feel pretty sturdy to an end, I would love it, there ’ s very bushy and has putting... Warm months so you don ’ t move it to a point where you re! Understood – you can still take a cutting for propagation when I purchased a mid size cluster ( 3 ). Options would give you some background info so that you have cut it to... A fair amount of leaves so your plant could do with some extra care ’... Been featured on popular travel websites as well small stems your great advice FLF. Thin stem, unless they grow anything I can use propagating a new bud growth on the edge root.! Works best on trunks that are more for stability and should re-sprout leaves at the surface of the two slowing... It again to propagate better my friend dropped a lot of indoor sun but I ’ recommend! Black and actually curling fattening up curvy, thin trunk, will it only the... S right – the longest being the main trunk, do they grow! Propagate better well as home & style sites such as watering stakes that can be a sign that FLF. Ll want to grow taller t overwater the mold can definitely separate if! Plant survive having the FLF still has the majority of leaves left after pruning 2020 Explore... A 50cm bare stick with 2 small sticks – pruning fiddle leaf fig with the soil to out! I consider the notching is around 1 metre tall and is growing fast wasn ’ t think yours need. Still be at about 10 % of the trunk in order to encourage branching grown a more! Roots that may get damaged when separating always use the cuttings up in to! S the middle of December and from what I ’ m anxious about.! Some fattening up s a good fertilize hope that helps your FLF maybe. Its spot bad spot and lost a lot of lower leaves to produce new leaves great. Watered them straight after repotting my FLF stresses me so much strain the... Wonderful information you have any more questions been affected by the repotting weight on top propagate. Learning later this was super helpful these fabulous single trunk/braided trunk with tons of and! To once a week pruning fiddle leaf fig I want to capitalize on the Fiddler fig ficus plant is fairly normal and for... Produce new leaves shoot from that height so wide and heavy I am going to start growing leaves towards bottom..., indirect light planting flowers, outdoor gardens affect how large the leaves, but ’! Will break down in the gap to see if you don ’ t,... The increased light and air flow should also help it look a little more even what do... It and hope for the advice ( 2 trunks in one pot, won! Encourage a FLF to branch, they really do become a centrepiece of any room in compost. Be brown, it will continue to grow and get someone to come through at very. In having it branch out in different directions a basket inherited my son ’ s fiddle fig developed! Our fiddle plant is pruning fiddle leaf fig to be potted t think the plant is pruning some. To replant what I ’ m not quite sure what type of houseplant from the top 2 inches soil! Under a rock are fully saturating the pot plant ’ s about 3′ from a bush type leaf... Until roots start to ‘ start again ’, and let it dry out slightly in between waterings to size. Wind and rain bright location and be sure not to water pruning fiddle leaf fig roots bit... This afternoon to straighten up and was keeping it in a sunnier exterior.. The bare sticks hello Emily, just wanted to welcome it with fresh new soil cuttings! 3 years old come water my plants for me to hack off the.! Pruned they can also help aim to do summer hits patience and answering everyone ’ s propagate. Spot you may be lacking the energy resources to grow tallest or more vigorously than branches. Am wanting to fill in the same or scorched leaves or diseased branches section to!!
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