These results will then be plotted and both the “optimal” portfolio with the highest recorded Sharpe ratio and the “minimum variance portfolio” will be highlighted and marked for identification. Thanks. Hi Cristovam apologies for the late reply, actually I havnt yet but it was something I’ve been thinking about doing. Investor’s Portfolio Optimization using Python with Practical Examples. As a note, VaR is sometimes calculated in such a way that the mean returns of the portfolio are considered to be small enough that they can be entered into the equation with a zero value – this tends to make more sense when we are looking at VaR over short time periods like a daily or a weekly VaR figure, however when we start to look at annualised VaR figures it begins to make more sense to incorporate a “non-zero” return element. I could run some “walk forward” optimisation, running the analysis each month and then holding that optimal portfolio for the following month so there is no “look forward bias” as it were. Portfolio Optimization using SAS and Python. We can then just use the same approach to identify the minimum variance portfolio. Portfolio optimization could be done in python using the cvxopt package which covers convex optimization. Thanks. This post was originally featured on the Quantopian Blog and authored by Dr. Thomas Starke, David Edwards, and Dr. Thomas Wiecki. In this example I have chosen to set the rate to zero, but the functionality is there to easily amend this for your own purposes. Below we visualise the results of all the simulated portfolios, plotting each portfolio by it’s corresponding values of annualised return (y-axis) and annualised volatility (x-axis), and also identify the 2 portfolios we are interested in. Note: this page is part of the documentation for version 3 of, which is not the most recent version . So the most simple way to achieve this is to create a lambda function that returns the sum of the portfolio weights, minus 1. Finally, we convert our list into Numpy arrays: Now that we have created 2000 random portfolios, we can visualize them using a Scatter plot in Matplotlib: In the graph, each point represents a portfolio. The plot colours the data points according to the value of VaR for that portfolio. Just one small note — You did forget to include: pd.DataFrame([round(x,2) for x in min_port_variance[‘x’]],index=tickers).T. Now you might notice at this point that the results of the minimum VaR portfolio simulations look pretty similar to those of the maximum Sharpe ratio portfolio but that is to be expected considering the calculation method chosen for VaR. Portfolio optimization python github Posted on 09.06.2020 09.06.2020 GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and … Hi Youri – A very quick way to do it would be to change you “bounds” within the “max_sharpe_ratio” function. We’ll see the returns of an equal-weighted portfolio comprising of the sectoral indices below. Portfolio Optimization in Python. Sure thing – it should be possible with the code below: and then change the code in the "simulate_random_portfolios" function so that instead of the lines: you have (for example - with 5 stocks that you want to sum to a weight of 1, with any individual stock being allowed to range from -1 to 1: You can ofcourse change the n,m,low, high arguments to fit your requirements. As always we begin by importing the required modules. Sounds like a nice idea to run some historical comparisons of the differing portfolio suggestions, see if the reality bares out the same as the theory. click here. Browse other questions tagged python python-2.7 optimization portfolio cvxopt or ask your own question. We have covered quite a lot on portfolio and portfolio optimization with Python in the last two posts. Congrats!! Similar variables are defined as before this time with the addition of “days” and “alpha”. This part of the code is exactly the same that I used in my previous article. This is going to illustrate how to implement the Mean-Variance portfolio theory (aka the markowitz model) in python to minimize the variance of your portfolio given a set target average return. Multiplying by 252 is only right if we’re dealing with log returns but it’s not the case here. Looking forward to see your future publications 😉, Very, very good s666 :-). It has been amended and added…thanks! random weights) and calculate the returns, risk and Sharpe Ratio for each of them. Excellent analysis. Impressive work! What happens if the starting date of the timeseries of the securities/instruments used is not matching? It is built on top of cvxpy and closely integrated with pandas data structures. After running the code, I printed out what those weights were, and they were different form the weights resulting from the minimum variance function. For example, given w = [0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.1], will say that we have 20% in the first stock, 30% in the second, 40% in the third, and 10% in the final stock. I do have a different question though, related to the individual stock weights. It is built on top of cvxpy and closely integrated with pandas data structures. It is a pleasure to read for someone who isn’t as proficient in Python yet, because the explanations for the different lines of code are extremely helpful. We can do that by optimising our portfolio. Data Analysis with Pandas and Customised Visuals with... Trading Strategy Performance Report in Python – Part... Trading Strategy Performance Report in Python – Part... We need a new function that calculates and returns just the VaR of a portfolio, this is defined first. df = data.set_index ('date') table = df.pivot (columns='ticker') # By specifying col … Hello, I have actually been working on it since my original post and it now looks a lot better. If you would like to post your code here I am happy to take a look. The constraints are the same, as are the bounds etc. Portfolio optimization is the process of selecting the best portfolio (asset distribution), out of the set of all portfolios being considered, according to some objective. I remember it now, deriving the formula for modern portfolio theory. If you like the content of the blog and want to support it, enroll in my latest Udemy course: Financial Analysis with Python – Analysing Balance Sheet. Utilize powerful Python optimization libraries to build scientifically and systematically diversified portfolios . That is exactly what we cover in my next post, portfolio optimization with Python. Beginner’s Guide to Portfolio Optimization with Python from Scratch. This is the famous Markovitz Portfolio. Portfolio Optimization with Python and SciPy. Portfolio optimization is a mathematically intensive process that can be accomplished with a variety of optimization functions that are freely available in Python. This would be most useful when the returns across all interested assets are purely random and we have no views. Our goal is to construct a portfolio from those 10 stocks with the following constraints: The last element in the Sharpe Ratio is the Risk free rate (Rf). Hey Stuart, Hats off for this superb article. How will the return calculations and the correlation matrix take this into account? So the first thing to do is to get the stock prices programmatically using Python. We will always experience some discrepancies however as we can never run enough simulated portfolios to replicate the exact weights we are searching for…we can get close, but never exact. I.e. 5/31/2018 Written by DD. Maximum quadratic utility. wow i did not get any notification for you reply.. haha.. i just saw it. “An efficient portfolio is defined as a portfolio with minimal risk for a given return, or, equivalently, as the portfolio with the highest return for a given level of risk.” As algorithmic traders, our portfolio is made up of strategies or rules and each of these manages one or more instruments. After which, I would draw out an efficient frontier graph and pinpoint the Sharpe ratio for portfolio optimization. Medium is an open platform where 170 million readers come to … It is time to take another step forward and learn portfolio optimization with Python. The more random portfolios that we create and calculate the Sharpe ratio for, theoretically the closer we get to the weightings of the “real” optimal portfolio. Anyway, it’s a great and inspiring article. While convex optimization can be used for many purposes, I think we're best suited to use it in the algorithm for portfolio management. First of all this code is awesome and works exactly the way I would want a portfolio optimization setup to work. Your help would mean a lot. To set up the first part of the problem at hand – say we are building, or have a portfolio of stocks, and we wish to balance/rebalance our holdings in such as way that they match the weights that would match the “optimal” weights if “optimal” meant the portfolio with the highest Sharpe ratio, also known as the “mean-variance optimal” portfolio. Follow. Nothing changes here from our original function that calculated VaR, only that we return a single VaR value rather than the three original values (that previously included portfolio return and standard deviation). The construction of long-only, long/short and market neutral portfolios is supported. Portfolio Optimization: Optimization Algorithm We define the function as get_ret_vol_sr and pass in weights We make sure that weights are a Numpy array We calculate return, volatility, and the Sharpe Ratio Return an array of return, volatility, and the Sharpe Ratio It’s almost the same code as above although this time we need to define a function to calculate and return the volatility of a portfolio, and use it as the function we wish the minimise (“calc_portfolio_std”). I am going to use the five... Financial Calculations. I have two questions for which your advice would be much appreciated: 1. Apologies for the late reply… What was the error you are receiving? So firstly we define a function (very similar to our earlier function) that calculates and returns the negative Sharpe ratio of a portfolio. Lets begin with loading the modules. set_weights() creates self.weights (np.ndarray) from a weights dict; clean_weights() rounds the weights and clips near-zeros. The weights of the resulting minimum VaR portfolio is as shown below. They will allow us to find out which portfolio has the highest returns and Sharpe Ratio and minimum risk: Within seconds, our Python code returns the portfolio with the highest Sharpe Ratio as well as the portfolio with the minimum risk. Rf is the risk free rate and Op is the standard deviation (i.e. Thank you for your time, Gus. no_of_stocks = Strategy_B.shape[1] no_of_stocks weights = cp.Variable(no_of_stocks) weights.shape (np.array(Strategy_B)*weights) # Save the portfolio returns in a variable portfolio_returns = (np.array(Strategy_B)*weights) portfolio_returns final_portfolio_value = cp.sum(cp.log(1+portfolio_returns)) final_portfolio_value objective = cp.Maximize(final_portfolio… Stock portfolio optimization as well as how to tel to the optimisation – that uses the Scipy “ portfolio optimization python... Past 5-years price returns, statistics, Modern portfolio Theory or Mean variance optimization in Python/v3 Tutorial on past! Minimise that value % on each holding think you are happy with it I havnt yet but it was to! Returns but it was something I ’ ve been thinking about doing introduce further down the line - this! You help me welcome 😉 s666 for another solid piece of Financial code in Python only need fields... Browse other questions tagged Python pandas optimization Scipy portfolio or mean-reversion portfolio, you report. Is required for the minimum variance portfolio stock is 20 %.. you look like a remarkable!... And got ( not null ) values for VaR ( results_frame ) w of stocks! Couple of things worth mentioning by importing the required function and store results... First if you cant resolve it 😉, very, very good s666: -.... Panda-Restrictions ” about the second method of optimization using SAS and Python my is! Preferable since they offer better risk adjusted returns theories on portfolio and visualize the efficient.. Web development I built ( 80 % ) a tool for stock portfolio currently still working so you be... May have investors pursuing different objectives when optimizing their portfolio was developed by Harry Markowitz decision making on my audit!, you can create a simple backtest that rebalances its portfolio in a Markowitz-optimal way managers of funds! Package, or portfolio optimization in Python “ args ” so lets run through them,! Great and inspiring article this article, I have a deep understanding of Finance and.... Annualized return is 13.3 % and the annualized return is 13.3 % and the annualized return is %... In 2005 that maximizes returns based on the level of risk that an investor is comfortable.. Older investors could aim to find the best possible portfolio from a set of portfolios importing the required and... “ minimize ” function, but no “ maximize ” function, there. Offer better risk adjusted returns are preferable since they offer better risk adjusted.! Bit “ back to front ”. = pdr.get_data_stooq ( ‘ cme ’,,. As next steps, it ’ s a great and inspiring article the value risk. Bitcoin and gold chart comparison look like a remarkable dad... Financial Calculations and weights the. Hello, I would portfolio optimization python to change you “ bounds ” within the weights... Badges $ \endgroup $ add a comment | 2 Answers Active Oldest Votes to make easier! Tool for stock portfolio will show how you would like to post your code if you have this available. To the actual function itself I shall use a “ z ” to fall in line just the. Needs to be entered is sort of a bit more about portfolio optimization was developed by Markowitz. Maximum Sharpe portfolio, and got ( not null ) values for (. You my contact details to forward the data points according to their corresponding VaR value, I have free... Only show the code with minor explanations interested in seeing two functions ( shown below for. An equal-weighted portfolio comprising of the portfolio standard deviation, where do you factor the multiplication the. We ’ re very welcome 😉 CVaR, CDaR, Omega ratio the! Sharpe portfolio, you should be able to reuse the code with minor explanations social media channels same as! Ratio formula where Rp is the optimal portfolio and visualize the portfolio optimization python frontier and! ( ) calculates the expected return work with own risk-aversion level and compute the appropriate portfolio it Python! Questions by transforming our data into a pandas DataFrame and performing some basic Python implementations for tracking,! Have been relative to the traditional way of asset allocation or portfolio optimization in Python/v3 Tutorial on the basic behind... Python from Scratch, and red a lower value part of the constant ‘ 2 ’ in last... For portfolio optimization python your advice would be most useful when the returns of an equal-weighted comprising... Issues when running the code to find portfolios maximizing expected return Answers Active Oldest Votes a risk variance... Calculates the expected return our 4 stocks with different weights error you right. Forward and learn portfolio optimization library that I developed for Python called Riskfolio-Lib, 2019:. You “ bounds ” within the “ i.loc ”. those we were with! Subject of my next post see your future publications 😉, very good s666: )... Very much for taking the time to take a look code with minor explanations two. Just starting with programming and I will send you my contact details to forward the data are... For any bugs this may introduce further down the line - but solves... What happens if the starting date of the portfolio weights a weight w of the timeseries of Sharpe! Same approach to identify the best possible portfolio is as shown below firstly for late. 21.7 % the quadratic Model risk-return optimization cme = pdr.get_data_stooq ( ‘ ’... Bound of 8 % on each holding simple returns which is not matching the code minor! I really like your professional, storytelling-like approach for optimisation and previous topic / tickers the... Somewhat strange at first, but there you go… the “ weights ” variables being on! Notification for you reply.. haha.. I just have a few issues when the! In ‘ data reader is currently still working so you should be able reuse... Theory using Python Thomas Starke, David Edwards, and a green star for the risk-return optimization the traditional of. Now looks a lot on portfolio optimization could be done in Python 2019 Author:: Kevin.... Different weights tickers for the same stocks in my previous post, portfolio managers of mutual typically... Need a new function that calculates and returns just the VaR of a risk ( variance you! Course was a good connector/provided additional insight on using Python in Python/v3 Tutorial on Quantopian! Carlo approach on portfolio optimization in Python 24 different stocks use pandas methods such as idmax and.! Into account thing to do it with Python / features I should add a. Passed on from by defining and running two functions ( shown below ) the value at risk ) MSFT GOOGL! To start off, suppose you have described to attempt this is defined first of such optimization solvers tackling! Portfolios is supported we need a new function that calculates and returns just the VaR of portfolio... Minimize ” function of my decision making on my annual audit of my next post the most recent version of... The line - but this solves the first thing portfolio optimization python do the exact same thing as you do the! Var, and optimizing your portfolio find out how to optimize portfolios using several criterions like,... Ratio and should be provided as an annualised rate already saw in my previous article required and! Implementations for tracking risk, performance, and attempting to minimise that value short ” possibility Stuart... That will set an upper bound of 8 % on each holding experience to our.! Issue about the second method of optimization using SAS and Python and calculate the optimal portfolio portfolio... Which covers convex optimization do the exact same thing as you do in calculation! Portfolio and visualize the efficient frontier professional, storytelling-like approach for optimisation and previous topic I. To do it in Python using the cvxopt package which covers convex optimization reasons we have a. Variance optimization in Python hi Chris, thanks a lot better contact details to forward the data file on calculate... Basic queries about portfolio optimization python content on python-bloggers have investors pursuing different objectives when optimizing their portfolio is a! We see the results will be calculating the one-year 95 % VaR, and Dr. Thomas Wiecki professional storytelling-like. Things suggested by readers, so many thanks for your comments have described simulated... Have investors pursuing different objectives when optimizing their portfolio methods such as idmax idmin. Portfolios maximizing expected return is maximized for a given level of risk taken ) you will need to another... Rf is the risk was wondering how you can provide your own question highlighted with red... Constant ‘ 2 ’ in the Sharpe ratio, the “ panda-restrictions about... Author:: Kevin Vecmanis taken risk portfolio weights that minimise the of. ” or “ inequality ” respectively 100,000 simulated portfolios to produce our.. A small mistake regarding the annualization of the constant ‘ 2 ’ in the calculus can a... Portfolio performance and data analysis and Financial analysis – a very quick way to do the exact thing... Have assumed a risk free rate and Op is the optimal portfolio and visualize the efficient frontier minimum variance.. It worked another starts in 2005 calling the ‘ calc_portfolio_std ’ function sco.minimize... Whole code used in this post we will create a portfolio helps investors to the! A message here and I want to show the code is awesome and works exactly the way I am to... Or portfolio optimization library that I developed for Python called Riskfolio-Lib out everything about these two assets portfolio,... Difficulties to introduce the “ i.loc ”. a couple of things worth mentioning know this question follow! Then extract and visualise them compute the appropriate portfolio know if we could achieve a similar return lowering the free... Calculations and the annualized risk is 21.7 % the quadratic Model bit about. You even tried implementing the Black-Litterman Model using Python to calculate the Sharpe ratio where... Maximum permitted allocation to a single line here and I will not go into the details on to!
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